Useful Phrases

Useful Phrases

Good Morning
Dobro utro!

Good afternoon
Dobar den!

Good evening
Dobar vecher!

Thank you?

Do you speak English,German,French?                  }
Govorrite lee anglyiski,Nemski,Frenski

Could you please call a taxi for me?
Molya,povikayte taxi!

Call an ambulance! Povikayte leeneyka!

My Name is ……. Kazvam se……

Have you got…. Eemate lee…….

Tea Please
Cheren chay molya


Could I have the menu please
Menuto ako obichate

I am a vegetarian
Az sam veghetaryanets 

Please bring me/us…..
Molya donesseteh mee /nee

The bill please

Is there a non-smoking section?
Eema lee zalah za neh pooshatchi

I don’t understand.
Neh razbeeram

Compliments to the chef!
Compleementee nah gotvachah

Could I have a cup of coffee with hot milk
Cahfeh sas goreshto mlyako molya

Tea with hot milk
Chay s goreshtoh mlyako molya