22nd February – Starts Snow Cinema

Snow cinema 2018 starts tomorrow, all films being shown are from the tourist information centre opposite the church:


February 22, Thursday

18.30-18.49-“when the mountains were wild” (Albania, Austria, 2015, Johannes Hoffman, 19 ‘)
A group of five friends – skiers, snowboarders and film operator, are leaving with their van to look for the wild side of the balkans. Before they reach their final goal – the mountains in Albania, they pass through areas where there are signs of war after the collapse of Yugoslavia.
– special mention from the jury of banskofilmfest ‘ 2017.

18.50-19.30-” project big ice: Patagonia ” – first phase ” (Bulgaria, 2017, Branislav Brankov, 40 ‘)
In April 2017 Bulgarian researchers branislav brankov and kirill trifonov travel to Southern Patagonia to explore and prepare to cross the entire length of the ielo continental – the most difficult and technical ice field on the planet. The Southern Ice Cap of Patagonia represents over 400 km of continuous ice and is the second largest ice field outside the polar regions. Its borders extend between the cerro torre and fitzroy sets in the east and the pacific in the west. The Nature of nature’s nature makes it impossible for any life to exist on ice. During its stay on the ice field, the team of project big ice: Patagonia is facing severe physical and psychological challenges and serious uncontrollable dangers… a film about experiences at the end of the world, where survival depends entirely on the correctness of vzimanite solutions. And taken actions.
– Nagradatazabʺlgarskifilmot Banskofilmfest ‘ 2017.

19.30-19.35-“last climb” (Italy, 2017, Francesco Bonato, 5 ‘)
In 2015 A check on the condition of the first high-Speed Cable line leading to the top of forcella staunies (2932 M), the monte kristalo array, in the very heart of dolomites. A year later, it was found that the historic cabin lift built in 1956, in connection with the Winter Olympics in cortina d ‘ Ampezzo, must be definitively stopped. But not to forget his historical role.

19.37-20.30-“Monvizo, my love” (Italy, 2016, Fabio Džanoti, 53 ‘)
On July 22, 1975 Nino Viale, a ski instructor from limun in the field of Piedmont, makes a ski trip on the north wall of monvizo (Monte Vizo, 3841 M) in the kotskite alps after climbing to the top of the t. Pomegranate. Kuloar of coolidge along with his friend Claudio Bodrone. Forty years later, five young boys decided to repeat that achievement. They succeed under heavy conditions a lot of snow and an endangered danger. But after the end of the adventure, they have the opportunity to meet their legendary ancestors nino viale and Stefano De Benedetti.

February 23, Friday
18.30-18.50-“it mas – snow nomads in Greece” (Austria, 2017, Marco Frojdenrajh, 20 ‘)
The journey of the snow nomads continues. In January 2017, at the height of the “Winter of the century”, fabian lenč and his friends again took on the road with their special truck – this time to Greece. That’s where they target you and ski on new and zreliŝšni lines in areas that are still not on the map of world frijrajd. The film tells of driving virgin snow in parnassus, for surfing on the island of Crete and for new lines of descent from helmos in the vicinity of kalavryta to Olympus. The snow nomads take full advantage of the opportunities for outdoor activities in the land of the gods and dive into one of the richest and most ancient cultures on earth.

18.50-19.58-” (France, 2017, Laurent Jamais, 68 ‘)
We will go to the north caucasus and climb the legendary elbrus (5642 M) – the highest in Europe. We will be escorting the skiers thibault dûšosal and the hatch hatch, who often visit Russia in search of new slopes for descents and reside in this busy history mountain that never saves them surprises…
– Specialnatanagradanažuritobanskofilmfest ‘ 2017.

20.00-20.21-“Mano” (Bulgaria, 2017, Rosen Spasov, 21 ‘)

February 24, Saturday
18.30-19.36-” (France, Switzerland, 2016, loranžame, 66 ‘)
Rišaramakʹorotkrehvavratatanaednanepoznata and zavladâvaŝavselena – nafrijrajda.

19.38-20.30-“entry into dvevseleni – epic in Greenland” (Germany, 2016, johenšmol, 52 ‘)
Trimanositelinaprestižnatanagrada ” Priklûčenecnagodinata ” Naspisanieto ” National Geographic ” (Sredtâh is sestratanaerikmaknejʺr-Landry,

Bansko Municipality,
The International Festival of planinarskiâ film.