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The Happiness Retreat – Sparks International Training

 Escape to the luxury 5-star Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko in the historic Bulgarian town of Bansko to relax, rejuvenate and realise your strengths.sparks 3

This 5-night retreat offered by Sparks International Training combines group training, individual coaching, yoga, and fun outdoor activities together with time for deep personal reflection.

Before attending you will be asked to complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to discover your unique strengths which you will be discussing and developing during the retreat. We know that when people understand their strengths and use them effectively they are happier, more engaged, perform better and produce fantastic results. If you are feeling unfulfilled, de-energised or frustrated with a strong sense that something needs to change, this retreat is for you.sparks 2

Our aim and objective is to help you understand and apply your strengths to take control of your life and feel happier.




What are the Top 3 benefits of attending the Happiness Retreat?

Rejuvenation & Mindfulness: Healthy food, fresh air, conscious outdoor exercise and mindfulness practice will help your body and mind recharge and re-engage.sparks 4

Energising & Empowering: You will be empowered by discovering your unique strengths and understanding how our view of the world is informed by them. Learn how to have better relationships through understanding and applying your strengths.

True Peace & Happiness: Whether you are engaging in group or individual self-discovery, soaking in the natural springs, walking in the mountains or simply enjoying the spectacular views, you’ll finally find the peace and inner happiness you didn’t know you had.sparks 1







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