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MTB Road to Nowhere Bansko – Day 1 Cross country marathon  42km

Local race for me held here in Bansko every year a really great weekend different courses every year.

Day 1 is a XC marathon 41km, this year we had some really good riders including 1 & 2 ranked in BG so I knew I had to be on form

We started off at 9am from the gondola going up the ski road my regular traning program takes me on the same route so I knew it like the back of my hand, I could see the 3 guys from Shockblaze shooting off, however I get a good start and in 5th


as we approach the first downhill area , I knew the course well as it’s a regular commute home and in before work so I know where I can push I was very happy I don’t have to think about markings, which really saves time.13669479_1305764836120270_5681394765940689463_o

The weather was just right and as we passed the golf I could see Sasho Alexsiev who must have took a wrong turn with one of his team mates , then  up the perfect day trail which has a bit of everything steep climbs, single track and fast descents a really good trail. I need to work on my descending but this part of the track there is more climbing so I quickly passed the guy who was in 5th.  Then on the last climb I could see Toni in 4th and I was gaining on him the course heads back to Peshterite and roughly the halfway stage of the race, I should have stopped and filled up with water but last year they were giving them out at the top of the climb so I thought they would do it again but not anyway I carried on, onto part of the XCO course a nice big climb , 13668822_10153642613836759_4557770040163432055_o then onto the nice flowing strawberry fields track strawberry fields climb onto the dead dog trail.

Now I’m riding together with Toni as we ride along towards Dead Dog, I always carry 2 bottles of water but for some reason this time I only had one so as we get to the top of the dead dog single track I have to stop take a drink  of water and fill my bottle up where I lost around a minute but next the new Dead Dog single track probably my favorite in the area to ride can gain some great speed but very testing . The last part of the course is over the farmers fields and through the back of the Bansko new buildings and onto the finish line back at peshterite .


5th Place – In general I was very happy with this finish as I know the top 2 are full time riders , Ilko who finished 3rd in other races is always in the top 3 same with Toni . The next day I was really looking forward to the XCO .


Well done to Trailsystem.org for putting on a great race