Vitosha 100km – Stars Bulgaria

Vitosha Race Vlog Stars MTB rider Adam Leng 

vit 1

The Vitosha 100km race is the most popular in Bulgaria by far this year there were over 1200 riders starting off at 6am from Boyana residence . 2 water bottles filled up and energy gels in the back pocket I began the short ride to the start line.

I managed to get a good position right at the front and as we set off the pace was great all the top racers were present and I know I’d have to do well for a good position today. The course itself is not so difficult it’s just never ending: D .vit3 However I felt really good in the 1st part of the race which involves riding through Boyana then into the forest on a lovely flowing single track I took a position just behind the 1st group in around 15th position.

After this you come to the road and around a 10km ride on tarmac, which I don’t mind but you can see some guys struggling and quickly fall behind. There is a small group of 4 of us who keep swapping taking turns in the front every 2-3 minutes to conserve energy. The halfway stage seems to come really quickly and I come to halfway (48km) in 02

hours 04 minutes. I still feel good and start to push on


Chasing the guy in front of me who was really quick at descending I push a little hard not think I fell my rear tire going down I thought ohh no,vi2 quickly got off to check it and it went down 90%, I put my co2 can over it to pump it up and went up for around a minute and flat again in the mean while guys were flying past me, unbelievably o n the next corner was a Drag service centre where we check the tire found no hole pumped it up all was fine so off I went in the next 10-15 minutes I caught all the guys who had passed  me and got behind Lachezar from RAM bikes who from there we had a good battle for the last 15km and he beat me into 10th by 0.6 seconds on the sprint to the line .vit4

 So I came in 11th position from 1157 people more than happy. Bring on the next race